Our journey started 30 years ago in the city of San Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro, by our entrepreneurial and visionary founder, Jose Carlos Pires Coutinho. The small business, with only 60 employees manufacturing low cost toilet paper, came to be a reference in Brazil for its largely recognized excellence in quality and innovation. Currently, Carta Fabril has two high-tech plants in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Goiás, mounting to 1700 employees.

Since then, the company has been continuously investing in product enhancement, industrial capacity upgrade and employee qualification. Our mission is to be a prime leader , offering personal care solutions that promote wellness and trust and to contribute for a sustainable future.

We are Carta Fabril, a company proud to be Brazilian!


To be a leader by excellence, providing well-being and reliability in hygiene solutions that contribute for a sustainable future.


To be among the three largest companies in the personal hygiene market, acting in a sustainable manner, recognized by customers and consumers.


The values of Carta Fabril motivate and inspire each one of us to always do our work with moral ethics, satisfaction and transparency every day.



“We ain't what we oughta be. We ain't what we want to be. We ain't what we gonna be. But, thank God, we ain't what we was.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Social Responsability

Carta Fabril aims to promote social projects supporting the communities close to the operational sites, constantly promoting donation campaigns for distribution of our brands to needy communities and institutions.

We nurture our ties with families and communities that, along with us, spread hope and strength to the world around us.

Quality Policies

“To produce and to distribute all Carta Fabril products with excellence, to surpass our customers and consumers expectations, to satisfy all stakeholders, to fulfill all legal and statutory requirements, to develop all individual capacities and to promote the continuous improvement of the quality management system”. Victor Leonardo F. de A. Coutinho, Carta Fabril ´s President.

Ethics Channel

A Carta Fabril está focada em manter o ambiente de trabalho íntegro e livre de irregularidades. Por isso, a empresa está disponibilizando aos colaboradores, clientes e parceiros um novo canal de ética.

Nele é possível fazer relatos de qualquer natureza, referente a fatos que não esteja de acordo com o Código de Ética e Conduta, às leis e aos valores da Carta Fabril.


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http://contatoseguro.com.br/cartafabril access the code of conduct


Coordenation and speed to supply customers all over Brazil.

For us, logistics means efficiency. Through continuous investments in technology and innovation, we are able to distribute our products with efficacy all over the national territory. To achieve this, we have our Back Office that takes care of redistribution and inventory control as well as monitoring resources and optimizing distribution to points of sale. Recently, we have also expanded and renovated our fleet of trucks and installed pallet racking systems in all plants to attend to our clients with agility and precision.

“All investments take place in an integrated and harmonious manner. We have increased our storage capacity, operations efficiency and inputs supply control in the plants”. Jose Carlos Coutinho Junior –Logistics and Supply Vice President

Words from
the president

Our ethical business conduct is the pillar for the development of Carta Fabril. This compromise, expressed through the values of the company, gains an important instrument to guide our actions and decisions: the Code of Business Conduct of Carta Fabril.

As a member of the Carta Fabril Family, it is very important that you read, understand and fully comply with it. It is your responsability to inform your managers of anything that you believe it is not complying with this document.

The reputation of Carta Fabril is entrusted in each one of us. I thank you in advance for you sustained commitment to our shared values and your ethical leadership that are fundamental to the continuous success of the business.

Victor Coutinho, Carta Fabril President.