Carta Fabril Group Values

Appreciation for our people and our team work

<p><strong>Appreciation for our people and our team work</strong></p>

People are Carta Fabril´s major capital and this is the reason why we are committed to foster professional and personal growth for all our collaborators. Therefore, we set, as the first and foremost priority ,the valorization of the individual based on fairness and respect , with no discrimination nor privileges, free environment ,rewarding work according to individual skills and abilities, supporting professional and personal fulfillment, strengthening the synergy for collaborative, harmonious and integrated team work.

“Remember your real wealth can be measured not by what you have, but by what you are”(Napoleon Hill).

Product Quality Excellence.

<p>Product Quality <strong>Excellence</strong>.</p>

We see that excellence in the quality of our products must be the reflection of a continuous search for our own improvement. We hold strong the purpose of giving our customers the best in each one of us. We are sure that to attain success or leadership, the attitudes are the key quality differentiator that we all admire and look for.

“He who conquers others is strong. He who conquers himself is mighty” (Lao Tsé).

Customer Foccus

<p><strong>Customer Foccus</strong></p>

It is not sufficient just to produce better if we are not capable of exceeding the expectations of those we produce for. Carta Fabril understands that respect to the Customer is a commitment that cannot be ever forsaken or neglected and, as such, seeks to understand and meet the its needs through a seamless and transparent relationship, based on honesty, delivering products and services of the highest quality.

“Virtue is present for the one that receives, not in the action of one that gives”.



We trust our collaborators. For Carta Fabril, trust is built upon the pillars of responsibility, knowledge, proactivity and commitment. We forgo rigidity of ideas and decision-making centralization as to give way to the individual that enquires, thinks and decides with freedom and responsibility, taking actions and interactions to transform opportunities in achievements.

“Dare to do and power shall be granted”.

Social Responsability

<p><strong>Social Responsability</strong></p>

We believe that role of a company goes beyond making profits, paying taxes, creating jobs and abiding to the laws. We see that our growth must always be combined with dignifying the individuals and developing the communities to which they are part of. To be socially responsible is to undertake the commitment of citizenship with Brazil and the Brazilian people.

“We are all ultimately responsible for everything”



Carta Fabril is proud of being recognized by its transparency and determination in conducting its business, cherishing loyalty and integrity in the relationship with customers, collaborators, partners and suppliers, as well as sharing opportunities to learn and things that will surely be good to all.

“Treat others as you wish to be treated”.

Environment Commitment

<p><strong>Environment Commitment</strong></p>

To be committed with the environment is to be responsible with life itself. Carta Fabril has in its pillars the conviction that all human activities are justified if only to be the means to build a better world, healthier and more sustainable for the future generations.

“Earth, which we have always considered the environment of life, is really a part of life” (Gaia Theory).

Foccus on achievements

<p><strong>Foccus on achievements</strong></p>

We are winners. We always give our best with dedication to accomplish results and pursuing nothing less but the best. We finish everything we start and keep everything we build. We are daring, creative and innovative, capable of materializing our values and virtues into objective and measurable accomplishments that we try to surpass at each new step.

“Give your best to the world” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta).



Acreditamos na simplicidade como valor intrínseco de nossa empresa. Primamos pela clareza de pensamentos, pela objetividade das ações, respondendo com agilidade e retidão aos desafios que são propostos. Agir com simplicidade é agir com humildade de espírito, buscando no conhecimento e na cooperação o caminho mais justo para a solução dos problemas.

"A menor distancia entre dois pontos é uma linha reta"



In face of the globalized world, of the soulless and flagless capital, Carta Fabril dares to proudly claim its brasilianity. We are proud of Brazil, of being Brazilians, of our culture, of our values, of our aspirations and of our people. Ready to win in the foreign market through the undeniable quality of our products and services we cannot forget for a moment that where Carta Fabril is Brazil is also present.

“It will be seen that no Brazilian will ran from the fight” (Brazilian National Anthem)