Carta Fabril announces a partnership to Cruzeiro

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Carta Fabril, a reference company in the personal care products market in Brazil, has just announced a partnership to sponsor Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, one of the largest football teams in Minas Gerais. With the agreement, the logo of the Dupla Cotton Toilet Paper, one of the company’s most important brands, is now stamped on the team’s five-star uniform. The image will be present just below the collar, on the front of the shirt.

The sponsorship is expected to last until July 2022 and, among other activations, includes the promotion of the brand on the backdrop and field plate at the Club’s games, in the Minas Gerais Championship next year. “This is a great opportunity to promote our brand and participation in sports marketing is very interesting for the company, as it generates entertainment and emotions for our consumers. Let’s root together for two champions, Cruzeiro and Cotton”, analyzes Júnior Coutinho, vice president of New Business at Carta Fabril.

This is not the first time the brand has invested in the sport. Recently, the company invested in publicity campaigns in three major championships: the Brasileirão U-20, the Copa América and the 2022 Cup qualifiers. The industry’s expectation is to communicate with the final consumer, outside the points of sale, by through one of the greatest national passions: football.

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