Donation Campaigns to support needy institutions in Rio de Janeiro and Goiás.

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Carta Fabril has always held the principle of promoting social projects to support the communities nearby its sites. With the Corona virus pandemics, we intensified this support launching: the Campanha Solidária BEM ESTAR® (BEM ESTAR®Solidary Campaign), to improve the living conditions of the elderlies and of those suffering with the quarantine, donating personal and domestic care goods to nursing homes and poor institutions in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Goiás.

Attending to five municipalities and supporting over 40 institutions, the donations mount to more than 52 thousand items, such as: diapers for adults and children, toilet paper, wipes, paper napkins and towels. The deliveries are being made by our personnel accordingly to the public sanitary and health authorities requirements.

We at Carta Fabril believe that these difficult moments will pass and everything will be restored. This is the reason for uniting for this cause. It is just the first of many more social projects that will come. We hold our institutional responsibility and we are proud of being able to contribute because we believe that united we are stronger!

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