New line of sanitary pads Diana

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The sanitary pads Diana turns eighteen years old in November and to celebrate its adulthood Carta Fabril is making some changes: full rebranding, new package design, it is more colorful and fresh as it is the creation of the avatar Diana, an engaged woman and in sync with self-esteem, connection and sorority values.

Carta Fabril has also invested in the expansion of Diana products, new daily protection pads and night sanitary pads besides the regular absorbent pads. “We refreshed the brand and changed our way of communication to target the younger consumer. Diana is bright and has personality and purpose. She conveys wholeness and modernity. “Our goal was to strengthen the brand even more and closer to its consumers”, says Caio Coutinho, marketing and commercial VP.

Among the activities to celebrate this launching, there is the creation of social media outlet: @dianabsorventes (dianabsorbents), to be more connected and near the public , posting relevant content on health, beauty, trends. Much more is coming!

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