Our bestseller has a new look: Cotton Toilet Paper!

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The Deluxe Cotton toilet paper, double ply, is a reference in softness and a sales case of success! In a short span of time, soon after its launching, its quality was recognized and it has become a market leader in this category in many regions of the country.

New packages are being rolled out. They are the new 12-roll and 16-roll packs to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers that want not only soft and white paper but, also, sustainability.

The product is made of 100% raw cellulose from reforested areas and technology for extra-softness as well for smoothness and greater absorption.

The full line of the product can be purchased in the traditional package (4-roll pack and 12,16, 24 and 32 compacted-roll pack) More savings and convenience for you! More ecology friendly for the environment!

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