For the social-environmental program, Carta Fabril has largely extended reforestation in the Atlantic Rainforest, encompassing over 250 hectares of preserved native vegetation as our vision is that the environment is closely linked to life quality.

The reforestation continues until we recover all the degraded areas, planting as much trees as necessary. More than 380 thousand trees have been planted.

Water springs, birds and all wildlife will have better surviving conditions due to our work with fauna and flora integration in the highly diversified fruit garden, with over 9000 planted fruit trees and 117 different species. It has been a smashing success and is in full bloom, attracting birds, small mammals, insects, reptiles, all the fauna of the Atlantic biota.

The endeavour in the Terra Santa Environmental Park in Japuiba, Cachoeira de Macacu, brings to reality the concept of sustainable development and environmental preservation with a proactive perspective that all of us, Brazilians, should apply to the environment. Social Responsibility, Respect to the Environment and Sustainability are the principles that guide our actions at Carta Fabril.

Carta Fabril Toilet Papers, Towel Papers and Napkins are certified by the FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council® seal, having socio-environmental values ​​and following international standards in the handling of forest products. That is, when purchasing inputs for production, Carta Fabril knows that the wood used as raw material for the products comes from well-managed forests, not contributing to the predatory exploitation of forest resources.

In 2015, Carta Fabril received the Green Seal certification, due to the investment made in the Terra Santa Environmental Park, where one of the largest biodiversities in Brazil is located. This certification aims to value and encourage good social and environmental practices through the propagation of good examples based on sustainability, social justice and respect for life.


In our industrial plants, fuel oil for the boilers were replaced by alternative sources of energy, leading to strongly reduction of pollutant emissions. Our suppliers are certified and ensure the proper environmental friendly solution.


Having water and waste treatment stations, we having been able to reuse great amounts of water from the industrial process. We are always investing in the best streamlining water usage.

Solid Waste

ISO 9001 and the Green Seal are our protection to responsible management of solid waste generated in our industrial plants.


“Nature is truly part of our lives”.

José Carlos Pires Coutinho, Carta Fabril´s founder